Industrial Cleaning Services

In today’s global economy, companies face increased competition. They continually search for ways to reach maximum efficiencies and production while controlling costs. In doing so, industry leaders know the value added benefit of keeping their buildings, equipment and machinery clean. Capital investments are reduced, maintenance costs go down and morale goes up whenever a clean environment is established and maintained. Great Lakes Industrial, was founded with this primary purpose in mind.

With customer satisfaction as a focal point and with over 90 years of combined experience. Great Lakes Industrial offers 24-hour emergency service as well as scheduled routine cleaning needs.

At Great Lakes IndustrialOur equipment has either been purchased or designed and built to address the daily concerns of our customers. With innovative ideas and our ability to design and build what we need, along with new equipment, Great Lakes Industrial has become a very capable vendor for our present and future customers. Much of our equipment is utilized each day at one customer or another.

  • Emergency Response

    • 24/7 Response Capabilities Nationwide
    • Land Based or Marine Capabilities – OSRO Certified
    • Natural/Man-Made Disaster Response
    • Company Owned Response Fleet
    • Oil Spills – Servicing Pipelines, Transporters, and Terminals
    • Train Derailments
    • Over-the-Road Incidents
    • Industrial/Fixed Facility Releases
  • Health and Safety

    • National Leader in Project Safety
    • Compliant with OSHA, DOT, MSHA and State Regulations
    • Internal Training and Education Programs
    • Project Specific Safety Plans
    • Industry Specific Training, Compliance and Certification (TWIC)
    • Drug Free Workplace
  • Site Remediation

    • Contaminated Soil Excavation and Treatment
    • Residential Remediation
    • Dredging/Dewatering/Sediment Management/Wetlands Restoration
    • Structural and Facility Decontamination/Demolition
    • Groundwater/Vadose Zone
    • Remediation and System Installation
    • Engineered Cap and Cell Construction
    • Waste Stream Segregation and Management
  • Industrial Services

    • Vacuum Truck Services
    • UST/AST Cleaning, Removal, Demolition
    • Barge Cleaning/Degassing
    • Asbestos/Lead Abatement
    • Water Blasting
    • Labor Support/Temporary Staffing
    • Transportation/Disposal of Haz/Special Waste


High Velocity Vacuum Trucks

Our vacuum  trucks operate with 28 inches of Mercury at 5700cfm. This high velocityallows Great Lakes to addressvery heavy materials, over longdistances. We also have thecapability of a crane on ourtruck that can raise a remote cyclone unit up to 28 feet high to load reactorsrail cars, tanks, and other vessels of choice. All vacuum trucks are 2004 or newer models.

Wet Cusco Vacuum Tankers

Equipped with larger vacuum pumps, these trucks can move heavier liquefied material than most tankers. With a 3000 gallon capacity and the capability to transport non­ hazardous, special waste, these trucks can tackle any task with great success. All tankers are 2004 or newer models.

Water Blasting Units

The water blasting units we own are capable of generating a very high amount of pressure, ranging from 10,000 psi to 40,000 psi. With that kind of power, we have not encountered any task that could not be accomplished quickly. With the ancillary equipment we have available, we can clean floors, linesexchangers, tanks, ducts, and many other items too numerous to outline.

Freightliner High Rail Vacuum Truck

Our Huber High Rail is a rail-ready, boom-equipped, self-contained vacuum truck that uses vacuum power to remove contaminated and unwanted materials from track beds. Unlike other vacuum trucks configured solely for track use, the Huber HighRail industrial vacuum truck operates on both rail and road.

See a video of our High Rail making quick work from tons of sludge below.

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